Not Quite First Blog Post

Off to a cracking start by posting my first post where the second should go, and the second one where the first should go! Yip, that’s how we do things in our house.

There are so many good things out there today in terms of cakes etc… that you will probably look at mine and wonder why I’m doing this. Well to answer that very briefly cause I can and I will?! Not only that, I will actually make a success of it because that is who I am by nature.

What separates me from the rest of the bunch is that I am starting now, a few weeks shy of my 40th birthday and I am doing it with the help and backing of my wife alone! We used to bake all the time together and she actually taught me pretty much everything I know and then we continued to learn together. Now we find ourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum…meaning she is out in the corporate world and I’m a stay at home Dad. Our roles have literally swapped!

Challenging as they may be at times, we both relish this opportunity! So now I decided to complicate my role even further by starting my own cake business. And no, I do not really have the time but I am learning very very fast about effective time management.

So now considering the above and the fact that I make everything by hand (oven is the only electrical appliance) and by myself, maybe then you will see why I think I have a chance of actually making this a modicum of success. May still not be your cup of tea mind you but stick around, I may still surprise you yet!!

One of my first forays into specialist cakes over a year ago.



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