CBC’S First Cake

Yesterday was a very auspicious day for my wife and I as we both delivered the first cake to officially come out under the CBC brand.

My wife works for SS-Visa which is an immigration company in Woodstock, Cape Town and through her work she liaises with one of the local police stations and a particular lady who goes out of her way to help. Her son turned 10 years old yesterday so as a token of appreciation from my wife, SS-Visa and a way for me to sort of launch myself we decided to do this cake. Again, a very happy birthday to you and may you have a year ahead filled with good health, good school reports, good fortune, great sport results and loads of fun!

We did a karate themed cake set on the backdrop of a Japanese flag. It was a simple vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with rich chocolate butter icing and layered on the top with vanilla butter icing then obviously decorated with fondant. Now you may not be overly impressed by the elements used and individually they are pretty boring. When you combine them in a particular way however, they transform superbly and the end result is delicious. I put all the artwork together myself and considering I’m self / wife taught and still on a steep learning curve I think the end result came out pretty well.


I’m not much of a social butterfly when it comes to social media so I think the only time I’ll be posting things is when I’ve done a new cake. So lets hope my posts are consistent because then that means I’m busy and I didn’t ruin any cakes!

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