Supa Strikas

Well, what a chaotic week this was indeed. In our house we hit the ground sprinting, then we fall flat on our face but we pick ourselves up and soldier on!

The kids were home this week so trying to do the artwork for a cake proved to be…challenging! Playing referee, head cook, doctor, psychiatrist, butler, well DAD and do my work was a tall order but it gone done and the results were very pleasing.

I did a very cool cake for a group of people in Cape Town called Strikas Entertainment. They do comic style books for kids under a variety of titles and distribute to over 20 countries worldwide and are also involved in television as well. They are probably most famous for their comic called Supa Strikas which is about soccer. They’re in the same building as my wife and we both met a couple of the chaps who graciously invited our kids up to get some comics so I figured it will be a good project for me to do them a branded cake.

Obviously it seemed like a really super idea at the time but proved to be very demanding. One of the biggest hurdles was baring in mind that these guys actually DRAW for a living and my skills are somewhat patchy, at best!! My wife kindly delivered the cake to them on Thursday and the reception and surprise was great. The feedback was positive and they commented on the exact things I wanted them to namely the logos, sponsors logos, detail and obviously the taste! So I was actually super chuffed! I kind of realized it will be okay because my wife is my yardstick and she said it was great, but when you doing something like that for people like that it

Super Strikas

is very daunting.

A big thank you again to Leon for the Supa Strika Annuals he gave to our boys. They absolutely love them and truly think you are THE MAN!

Do yourselves a favour and check them out at


One thought on “Supa Strikas

  1. I must admit This is possibly one of the most fascinating cakes you made so far but then again, each one seems to simply outshine the next 🙂


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