Ups and Downs…

I have no issue with perseverance at all, its awesome actually because in the end it makes the victory that much sweeter knowing that you toiled to get there.

A point of consternation for me is when you put in the hard yards and at the end of it you still feel most dissatisfied with the final result. This is exactly what happened with my last cake. For some reason or other I just couldn’t get my head into it! My planning was sound, preparation good, had plenty of time and yet the end result was just not according to my standard or even what I wanted. I didn’t quite have all the information I would’ve liked but its still no excuse.

The client is a big player in the property sector so I decided to do a Table Mountain backdrop in conjunction with the city skyline, company name, initials etc… and as they are actually originally from Cameroon and proud of it, I did two Cameroonian flags.

My wife, bless her, ranted and raved about it and the client was more than happy but I still felt I hadn’t done a good enough job. Even now as I type this I’m getting frustrated thinking about it. Ultimately the client has the final say and she was happy and her husband who was celebrating his birthday and his success as a businessman plus his staff were suitably impressed, so guess I shouldn’t complain too much!

Onward to the next project which promises to be interesting….


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