Devil is in the Detail

The title of this post rings so true for me at the moment. Just when I think I’ve done a brilliant job with a cake & I look at the photographs I took, all the imperfections jump out…and throttle me! My sense of humour and accomplishment quickly evaporates and the Detail Devil prances around like its nobodies business.

I did two birthday cakes recently with the first one being a Princess Sofia cake. Doing the cake was a fiasco with me pretty much having to do everything twice over for whatever reason. The finished product wasn’t terrible, but all the little imperfections were just that too obvious and many for my liking. The worst thing is I know I can do better and even know where I went wrong, it’s just applying those simple principle that seem to be problematic. I set the bar extremely high for myself only because I know what I am capable of so needless to say I’m often furious with myself when things don’t pan out the way they should.

All in all the clients were very happy with the little birthday girl being ecstatic. I must thank my wife however who went out of her way to get the Princess Sofia crown for the top of the cake. She did even better by ensuring the crown didn’t cost as much as the cake!! Thanks Babe!

The second birthday cake was a Spider man cake which went fairly smoothly considering I did it from start to finish in one day. Let me assure you, in my little world that is impressive considering I’m up at 06:25 feeding, dressing, getting lunch ready for the kids; dropping them at school & my wife at work; then invariably stopping at the shops on my way home with our 4 year old; ensuring he is as settled as any 4 year old can be; then its the odds & ends of laundry, cleaning, preparing the supper & entertaining the 4 year old; then hopefully I can do some work on the cake & in the blink of an eye its off to fetch the kids from school; then homework ensues along with all the required chaos & bedlam; will try work on the cake a bit then my wife is home & we’ll eat together & catch up before its the bedtime anarchy; finally, round 08:30 pm I’m able to focus on the cake & bish bash bosh its 02:00 am & the cake is boxed & sealed. Four hours sleep & repeat & repeat & repeat! THIS is my life…and I love it!

So yes, doing the cake in one day is very pleasing to me. The plus of it coming out the way it did was even more pleasing!! The birthday boy was hugely impressed & took it to school so he got to show it off & share it with his mates!

Well its onward & hopefully upwards from here with a potentially enticing cricket (sport) cake looming on the horizon. It’s going to be a huge one!!


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