Without wanting to frighten anyone off by saying this, my history is more along the lines of sport, marketing and advertising! I’ve always taken great pains to know a little about a lot of things, but now and again something will compel me to learn as much as I can about a particular subject and baking cakes fast became one of them.


My late Mom and Grandmother were great cooks and bakers so I obviously took a little from them both. I also kept a few tidbits from my various travels. My wife however became my true tutor and we have spent many a late night together in the kitchen finishing off an order and in doing so she has taught me so many tricks of the trade that it is has now enabled me to embark on my new venture. Things have been tried and lessons learned and this is where I’ve ended up…the start of Cambitious Baked Concepts!

We strive to create the most awesome cakes we can and from concept to delivery we push for perfection that not not only looks absolutely fantastic, but tastes even better. We use only tried, tested and proven recipes and then our ingenuity comes to the fore to create a design and look that will knock your socks off.

I believe there is a gap in the market for companies to use our tailor made cakes to their advantage, either promoting their brand or thanking a client, and that is certainly an avenue I am currently exploring. We’re not isolating ourselves though so from corporate cakes to weddings, your pumpkins birthday to marketing your business, a gift for the missus or even a thank you, as long as it’s unique then we’ll tackle it. We absolutely love what we do as we get to create custom once off cakes that people have not had before, which in itself makes each project different for us.


There are very few certainties in life apart from the fact that this will be loads of fun! So watch our progress as we grow and actually make use of us because rest assured you won’t be disappointed.


Ashaan & Toufeeqah Cambell